CHARMS/Apps & Links

All the following will be used this year & needed for each member.  For applications requiring a smartphone, please use a parent/guardian’s phone if you do not have one and please check daily.



The Sound Wave Band uses CHARMS to manage student contact information, calendar, volunteers and student finances. Parents can verify and update their information, view the band calendar, sign up to volunteer and check their child's band MFSC account balance at any time.  Simply click on the image to the left for direct access to public login information.  Use code: GulfBrHSBand.

The first time you log on, you will use your child's student #ID.  You will be prompted to create your own password.  If you forget your password, there is a link to reset it. 


To make MFSC/uniform/misc  payments through CHARMS you must have a PayPal account.  

  1. Sign into CHARMS  at using school code: GulfBrHSBand

  2. Enter your login information and then click on the $ at the top or on the Finances link.  

  3. Click on the blue "Make Miscellaneous Payment" link.  Enter $ amount and description (i.e. band shoes, color guard gloves, MFSC, etc.)   You will then be asked to sign into PayPal to complete the transaction.



Parents with students or anyone wanting to contribute to a student's MFS or Band Expenses can create an account and make payments, orders, and donations through the site or app -

If you have a student in the band, we encourage that you sign up for an account and add your student by using the 57xxxxxxxx student ID or searching for your child using the form. If you pay for meals through the school, then you are already set up. Use the menu selections on the left side of the screen, once you are logged in, and select Gulf Breeze HS and below that select Band. This will bring up all the items that can be paid for through MySchoolBucks.

PayPal Payments


<---Click HERE to make PayPal payments quickly for items like MFSC, uniform pieces, senior banner, extra show shirts, etc. Please note student's name and what the payment is for in the description so it will be properly applied. 


The Band App for Students


This app will be used for communicating, chatting, and information from day to day. Sections have their own chat groups and pictures and videos are shared for your viewing pleasure and for instruction. 

  • Download the App

  • Open and search for Soundwave

You can use this app on the computer as well.


The Band App for Parents


This app will be used for communicating, chatting, and getting information out to parents. As we get this app up and going we can communicate through the different committees using the chats. 

  • Download the App

  • Open and search for SoundWave Parents


You can use this app on the computer as well.



We use this to let parents/guardians/students know when we will be home from trips, quick reminders that are not beneficial to send in band app.

You do not have to download anything for this. Just text the following and you will be added to the text remind service.      Text @gbsound to 81010


Google Classroom

You will use this app throughout the year for classwork, pass offs, ect… Grades and Individualized feedback will be given through here. Class codes will be given to students as the season begins. 

Download the app & the Join your Class(es)

  • Symphonic Band: 

  • Concert Band: 

  • ColorGuard: 

  • Percussion: