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Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band  is the premier performing concert ensemble in the Gulf Breeze  Band program. Consisting primarily of upperclassmen, members of this ensemble will study and perform a wide span of advanced concert literature that varies in genre, style, cultural background, and historical time period.  Members of the Symphonic Band are also required to complete performance based assignments that address advanced musical concepts and fundamentals such as scales (major and minor), etudes and rhythmic studies.  Students in this ensemble are also required to participate in the Florida District 1 Solo and Ensemble Contest each February.  Membership into Symphonic Band  is determined through an audition consisting of scales and sight-reading that is held the year prior.  Instrumentation will be carefully balanced, and only a set number of students are accepted into this group each year.  Prior year membership in the Symphonic Band does not guarantee membership the following year.  Students who wish to become and remain a member of this prestigious group should strongly consider taking private lessons on their primary instrument.

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