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March-A-Thon 2022

Gulf Breeze High School Sound Wave Band
5th Annual MARCH-A-THON

Saturday, April 23, 2022

10:00 am – 1:00 pm







Our goal is to raise at least $13,000 for the band!

2018 March-A-Thon
2018 March-A-Thon

WHO: All 100+ members of the band and color guard will participate by marching and performing on the day of the march, as well as by collecting donations in the weeks leading up to the march and distributing flyers along the route a week prior to help spread the word. We will also need parent volunteers to help on the day of the march by providing escort vehicles, distributing snacks and water, and collecting donations along the route.

WHAT: The band will march a 3.3 mile long route through the heart of Gulf Breeze beginning and ending at Pride Field behind the high school. The student uniform will be announced closer to the event. They will be accompanied by the directors, police escorts, and volunteers. While marching, the band will perform music including the school’s fight song, football stand songs, and portions of the halftime show. We will stop to perform “mini-concerts” for families who live along the parade route, have coordinated with us ahead of time, and have donated at least $100. Click here for a list of songs to choose from. 

WHEN: Saturday, April 23rd 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. The band steps off along the route at 10:00 am SHARP! Show time for band members and volunteers will be announced at a later date. 

Saturday, April 16th will be flyer distribution along the parade route. All students will participate. Details to be provided at a later date.

WHERE: A 3.3 mile route through the heart of Gulf Breeze, beginning and ending at the high school (Pride Field).  Click here for map of the route.

WHY: The band needs money to operate! And this is a FUN and EFFECTIVE way to fundraise. The March-A-Thon concept has been used successfully by other high school bands across the country to raise tens of thousands of dollars each. Over the last four years, our March-A-Thons have raised a total of almost $60,000 for the band!

HOW: In the weeks leading up to the March-A-Thon, students are asked to raise at least $100 per person in donations. That’s five donations of just $20 each! Call up friends or relatives and go door to door in your neighborhood to ask for help funding your band activities this year and invite everyone to come out to the March-A-Thon and enjoy the performance! Donations should be collected at the time pledges are made and all money should be turned in to the safe in the band room no later than the day of the march to get credit for the top prizes and section standings. Yes, each instrument section competes against the other sections for the most money raised (per person) so a small section has the same odds of winning as a large section (i.e. Color Guard, (all) Percussion, Clarinets, Tubas, etc.). All checks should be made payable to Gulf Breeze Band Boosters. Turn in your donations in an envelope marked “March-A-Thon” with a copy of your donation log (enclosed) so we know who the top fundraisers are; prizes will be awarded for the most donations raised by an individual and by a band section.

Business Contributions 

Parents and students are encouraged to approach businesses for sponsorship of the band booster March-A-Thon as early as possible. Business contributions, cash or in-kind donations, will count towards the individual student and section challenges.

If you own a business, please consider sponsoring our band! Tax forms are available for your donation. Sponsoring businesses will receive special recognition depending on donation level.

If you have a business donation or are interested in going out to businesses to request or pick up donations, please contact Doug Scott via email at gbhsmarchathon@gmail.comBusiness donations must be turned in by October 11th to be included on the sponsorship banner.

Sound Wave Band Alumni Contributions

We love our Sound Wave Alumni! If you would like to support the current Sound Wave Band, you can donate to the March-A-Thon and sponsor a student you know or your former section! In the section challenge, the section that raises the most money (per person-to make it fair for small vs large sections) gets bragging rights and a surprise! Help your former section win! If you played French Horn, donate and apply it to that section. Want to support the flutes, then make a contribution to them. When it's all said and done we are all on the same team but a little extra motivation never hurt!  If you were in band at another high school or in college, we'd love for you to participate and support your section too! Let us know where you attended and we'll show everyone how all bands are family, we just wore a different uniform! 

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Refreshment setup/cleanup: We will be providing snacks and drinks for the band immediately following the event. We need a few parents willing to set up to receive the band, serve refreshments, and clean up afterwards.

Marching Chaperones: Walk with the band, ensuring students are safe and have access to water along the route. “Pass the hat” among spectators to collect donations on the spot. Must be able to walk the entire route.

Transportation: We will have the Sound Wave truck in trail of the band along the route to carry water and large instruments in the event a student can’t carry it the entire route. We would like to have a van available as well to transport band members if needed.

Publicity: We need lots of publicity! We will need a group of people (students are already included) willing to place flyers at the homes along our route on Saturday, April 16th. This will inform our neighbors about our parade, our goals, and their opportunity to have the band stop and play in front of their home. This is required for us to do and we need a few parents to assist in supervising the students or placing flyers door-to-door. With enough help, we can spread the word to over 200 homes in less than an hour.

​Beatriz Gutenmann
2022 March-A-Thon Coordinator

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