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March-A-Thon 2022 - Lawn Concerts

A limited number of mini-concerts will take place along the parade route for families who live along the parade route, have coordinated with us ahead of time, and have donated at least $100.  Please contact Beatriz at to schedule yours! 


Available songs: (for ones that aren’t easily recognizable, Google comes in handy) 


  • Florida State Fight Song 

  • Florida Fight Song 

  • Auburn Fight Song 

  • Alabama Fight Song 

  • LSU Fight Song 

  • The Marines’ Hymn 

  • The Army Song 

  • Anchors Aweigh 

  • Semper Paratus (Coast Guard Song) 

  • US Air Force Song 

  • 25 or 6 to 4

  • Tongue Tied 

  • Take On Me

  • Crazy In Love 

  • GBHS Fight Song 

  • Hurray For Dolphins 

  • ESPN 

  • Get Up For The Dolphins 


  • Neck 

  • Land of A Thousand 

  • Hey Baby 

  • OH MY 

  • Go Dolphins 

  • GO

March-A-Thon Lawn Concerts
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