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Jazz Band

The Jazz Ensemble is offered only to students who currently perform in a concert ensemble.  The primary educational goal of this ensemble is to develop and nurture an understanding of Jazz music history, playing styles, harmony/music theory and improvisation.  This ensemble performs frequently in the fall and throughout the spring at a variety of venues in and outside of our local community.  Instrumentation of this ensemble is limited, and typically consists of Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Drumset, Bass, Piano, Vibes, and Guitar.  Membership into the Jazz Ensemble is determined through an audition consisting of scales and jazz  improvisation.  Students should understand that year long practice is necessary, and that prior membership in this ensemble does NOT guarantee automatic membership the following year.      

Required items:

  • Trumpet – straight mute, cup mute, small plunger (can be purchased at any hardware store)

  • Trombone – straight mute, large plunger

  • Drumset – a pair of brushes and jazz drum sticks

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