2020/21 Virtual Band Camp Information/Schedule

Virtual Band Camp - Weeks 1 & 2

Hello Band Families!


We are moving forward with our plan to have band camp virtually this year! (This is a first in my 17 years of band camps!) Please spread the word so that students can come join us and hopefully start getting the Sound Wave Band playing! We will be trying to get as much done as possible during these weeks while keeping the students as safe as possible as well. All students are expected to attend, just as if it were our normal camp. If there is an absence, please email me at donahoov@santarosa.k12.fl.us​.


A few friendly reminders:


  1. All meetings will be on Zoom. There will be specific links to each meeting that is scheduled. Please be sure that your phone/computer is working prior to the meeting time.

  2. To access these links, be sure that you are on the ​Band App​.

  3. Students are expected to behave appropriately during their sessions.

  4. Students should be in a space as free of distractions as possible when attending their sessions.

  5. Please pay careful attention to the schedule & when each section attends their sessions.

    • Percussion:​If you would like to audition for the drumline, please attend the session with Quentin Bagby. If you know that you would like to be in the front ensemble, please attend the session with Patrick Barnett.

    • We will be narrowing down the students that will be on the drumline through the zoom sessions.

    • Please be sure that you see the additional attachments for the drumline audition music.

  6. Students will need to be dressed in clothing they can move in, just like normal camp. Some sessions will be working on posture and instrument positions.

  7. Students will also need their instrument or equipment.

    • If you do not have your marching instrument (brass/percussion), that is ok.

    • We will assign marching instruments when we return in person.

  8. Students may be asked to submit a flipgrid assignment at the end of each week so that we can monitor progress through the exercises and music.

  9. You will not need to turn in the community school form before these sessions as we will not be on campus.


Stay safe & stay healthy and we will see you soon!