2019/20 Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements / General Information

Woodwind & Brass Auditions will consist of:

  1. Seven major scales (in 2 minutes or less) from memory, complete with arpeggios, at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 120. Scales are to be performed a minimum of 2 octaves where possible. Students who wish to play a 3rd octave may do so.  All scales must be performed within the allotted time frame. Scales must be performed in complete octaves. Please use the All-State Scale Pattern. The scales should be tongued ascending and slurred descending where applicable. The student will be asked to perform scales in transposed form.  Scales will be performed in the following order, starting with the concert key of: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db & Gb. All scales must be performed from memory.

  2. Chromatic Scale covering the range of their instrument; as given in the requirements below.  The scale should be performed in even eighth notes at a minimum temp of quarter notes = 144. The scale should be tongued ascending and slurred descending where applicable.  Scale should be memorized.  Here are the requirements for each instrument below:

    1. ​Flute - 3 octaves from C

    2. Oboe - 2 octaves from D

    3. Bassoon - 3 octaves from Bb

    4. Clarinet - 3 octaves from E

    5. Bass Clarinet - 3 octaves from E

    6. Saxophones - 2 octaves from F

    7. Trumpets - 2 octaves from C

    8. French Horn - 2 octaves from F

    9. Trombone - 2 octaves from Bb

    10. Euphonium - 2 octaves from Bb

    11. Tuba - 2 octaves from Bb


A student may choose to perform additional octaves, however, they must begin on the notated pitch.  Additional points will not be awarded for partial octaves.

    3.  Play the prepared 2019-20 Santa Rosa All-County Honor Band Audition Music.
    4.  Sightreading (provided at the audition)

Percussion Auditions will consist of:

  1. Snare Drum Prepared Music

  2. Mallet Prepared Music Mallet Scales (SEE NUMBER 1 UNDER WOODWIND & BRASS AUDITIONS)

  3. Snare Drum Sight-reading (provided at the audition)

  4. Mallet Sight-reading (provided at the audition) 

Prepared pieces can be accessed below (and also on the Band App):

Audition Music for 2019/20 Santa Rosa All-County Honor Band is ALSO available within the Band App

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