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2022/23 Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements / General Information


The Santa Rosa All-County Honor Band process is currently awaiting approval from our school board. We are working hard to provide this opportunity for students & in the safest manner possible. While it is normally a requirement for all Symphonic Band members to audition & highly encouraged for Concert Band, it will not be required for any members this year. The choice to participate will be left up to the student and their parents/guardians. The timeline is still unofficial, but we are looking at the dates for the auditions to be in March and the concert to be performed in April if approved by the school board.

If a student would like to audition for the band the requirements are as follows:


  1. Major Scales in the FBA Pattern (Concert C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, & Gb)

  2. Chromatic Scale (predetermined starting note for each instrument)

  3. Prepared Etude

    • Percussion will audition for Snare & Mallets

Please check the Band App

for the latest information, requirements, and schedule

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