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We need your support for so many reasons, but foremost is these hard working kids.  

Your donations will help us meet our growing band's needs. Growing pains are a welcome problem but expensive to resolve!  We anticipate additional growth for the next several years.  We need your help to support our students as they proudly represent our school and community.  

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"The John Chapin Percussion Equipment Fund"

This continuing fund is in memory of John Chapin who lost his battle with ALS earlier in 2017.  The fund began in March of the same year by his daughter, Kristen Johnson, and her stepmother in the amount of a $5,000 donation.   John Chapin was a very talented percussionist.  Music was his love, and this is something he instilled in his children and also his grandchildren, Kort and Hailey Gilbert, who are currently in the GB Percussion Ensemble.  The aim of this fund is to assist the band in purchasing percussion equipment when it is needed.  The group has exponentially outgrown its battered equipment.   No staff member wants to read the most heart breaking comment from a judge that your kids are limited by the age of the equipment they are using.  This fund is meant to try to bridge that gap.  Every instrument purchased with this fund will have a placard with his name on it so that in years to come the students will remember why they are here.   To make donations, please contact Patrick Barnett at patrick@gbsoundwave.com.  Thank you!

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the GBHS Sound Wave Band was chosen as the recipient of a $10,000 

fall grant in 2016 for desperately needed new drum line equipment!

After 15 years,  

"The Beast"

took its last trip with the SoundWave in 2015 and the Band was forced to purchase a new truck, "The Super Beast".  You may see it parked at the Stadium parking lot with the new band trailer.