Committee Chairmen

Chaperones / Volunteer Coordinator
    Kelly Bleiler                VolunteersGBBB@gmail.com

Concessions / Hospitality

   Heather Cady-Brag
   Missy Hecht

   Dalton Kennedy

   Amy Woodcock

   Doug Scott                   GBHSmarchathon@gmail.com    

Football Programs     
   Jay Constant

  Theresa Moore          CommunicationsGBBB@gmail.com

GBBB BYLAWS  (Revised 9/19/2017)

2018-2019  GBBB  Board of Directors

The general management of the affairs of the organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors, except that amendments to the Bylaws and final approval of the annual budget are specifically reserved to the membership. The Board shall present to the membership all proposed major program activities for ratification.​  The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers, committee chairmen, the Gulf Breeze High School Band Director(s), the President of the Band Council, the Head Percussion Instructor and the Head Guard Instructor.


Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer Forms

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The Gulf Breeze Band Boosters Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and a Santa Rosa County OSO approved organization uniting all band boosters into one cause for the benefit, advancement, and support of the Gulf Breeze High School Band and Color Guard.    We support the band and color guard by providing monies, manpower and assistance with projects of interest to those groups.  It is not the intent of this organization to direct or manage the Gulf Breeze High School Bands and associated performers, but to provide support in accordance with the wishes of the Band Staff.  We  promote the Gulf Breeze High School Bands and associated performers in the Gulf Breeze Community and  support and encourage the transfer of students from the Gulf Breeze Middle School and Woodlawn Beach Middle School into the  Gulf Breeze High School Band.

Our Board and Boosters


Executive Board Officers

President                             Dan Hecht                                               PresidentGBBB@gmail.com

Co-Vice Presidents       Theresa Moore & Doug Scott     VPGBBB@gmail.com

Secretary                             Grace Hofius                                          SecretaryGBBB@gmail.com

Treasurer                             Wendy Hoeflich                                  TreasurerGBBB@gmail.com