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The Sound Wave Band uses CHARMS to manage student contact information,  calendar, volunteers and student finances. Parents can verify and update their information, view the band  calendar, sign up to volunteer and check their child's band MFSC account balance at any time.  Simply click on the image to the left for direct access to public login information.  Use code GulfBrHSBand.

The first time you log on, you will use your child's student #ID.  You will be prompted to create your own password.  If you forget your password, there is a link to reset it.   You can also email Mr. Dykes to reset your child's password to the #ID.  

To make MFSC/uniform/misc  payments through CHARMS you must have a PayPal account.  
     1. Sign into CHARMS  at using school code: GulfBrHSBand
     2. Enter your login information and then click on the $ at the top or on the Finances link.  
     3. Click on the blue "Make Miscellaneous Payment" link.  Enter $ amount and description (i.e. band shoes, color guard gloves, MFSC, etc.)   You will then be asked to sign into PayPal to complete the transaction.. 

Remind is a text messaging service that allows instructors to quickly communicate with students and parents.   Signing up is easy.