​​​​​Welcome to the Sound Wave Band! 
You are joining one of premiere organizations in Gulf Breeze High School. More importantly, you are joining the "up and coming young faces" of the Gulf Breeze community. We have over 50 performances per year, traveling to several states and competitions. These are done under the dedicated direction of Mr. Zach Dykes through our over six ensembles, indoor percussion and color/winter guards. Through their hard work, Excellence seems easy to these young musicians/performers, but Superior is the standard for the Sound Wave Band. 
I am proud to represent Gulf Breeze Band Boosters Association, Inc. (GBBB) through the great support of YOU the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and guardians. Through US, we provide money (MFSC, programs, MARCH-A-THON, concessions, and other fundraising) and people (volunteers- transportation, uniforms, hospitality, chaperones, concessions, officers, etc.)
I am also proud to introduce my executive board for 2017-2018: Barb Scott and Dan Hecht, co-vice presidents, Wendy Hoeflich, treasurer, and Grace Hofius, secretary. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you ever need anything.

Humble Regards,
Scott J. Stonebraker
 President, Gulf Breeze Band Booster Association, Inc.

Here are the "Everything you need to know" links, starting with our WEBSITE!  
Our website has the information to sign up/log into Charms, from there you can PAY for all things Sound Wave ONLINE or you can send checks with your child to the GBHS band room safe or you can mail to: Gulf Breeze Band Boosters, P.O. Box 867, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

Here are the links to the forms that all band families must fill out each year:

1.  General Information

2.  Gulf Breeze Sound Wave My Fair Share Contribution Program (MFSC)-The fair share program was implemented to ensure that necessary funds would be available to support the band program at Gulf Breeze High School. It is designed to distribute the cost equally among all of the participants in the band. A budget is devised each spring and approved annually by vote of the GBBB membership at the May meeting. The fair share amount is part of this budget.

3.   Authorization For Medical Emergency Treatment

4.   Media Consent Form

5.   Band T-Shirt Sign Up

6.   Volunteer Application  (Applications must be submitted and approved by Santa Rosa County before serving as a volunteer.  Applications must be completed every year and for each school for which one volunteers.  For more information you can view the Santa Rosa County Volunteer Handbook.  The application is on page 13-14.)


Documents and important information:

Band Uniforms Parent Information

GBHS Football Program AD Form

 GBHS Football Program Student Salutes

2018-2019 Rookie/Band Camp Key Dates

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW BAND MEETING                        
APRIL 30  6:30pm (GBHS Band Room)

ROOKIE CAMP (Required for all new students and  incoming Freshmen)                         

JUNE 11-22   8:00am-1:00pm*

 BAND CAMP (Required for all band students) 

JULY 16-27 (Mon-Fri)   8:00am-5:00pm*

​ *Lunch will be 12:00-1:00 (Students will have the opportunity to pre-purchase lunch or bring it from home)

MUSIC REHEARSALS(Mandatory for all band students)

June 19 - Music Rehearsal (Winds, Guard & Percussion), 5pm-8pm 
June 21 - Music Rehearsal (Winds, Guard & Percussion), 5pm-8pm 
 July 10 - Music Rehearsal (Winds, Guard & Percussion), 5pm-8pm 
 July 12 - Music Rehearsal (Winds, Guard & Percussion), 5pm-8pm 
 August 7 - Music Rehearsal (Winds, Guard & Percussion), 5pm-8pm 
 August 9- Music Rehearsal (Winds, Guard & Percussion), 5pm-8pm 

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