Make sure you are reading over all the material because things have changed from previous years. 

The scale order for the 9/10 Concert Band and the 11/12 Symphonic Band is different this year.  Scales will now be performed in the circle of 4ths: Concert G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D. 

It is important to check the All-State page for corrections and clarifications to the audition materials.  You will find the major corrections below.  Open up the Requirement pages as well to check the clarifications in red that were made in May.
5/13/2016 Some clarifications have been added to the requirements. Clarifications are in red.  
6/24/2016: High School Jazz -The incorrect track number for "Bolivia" was listed.  It is actually Track 3. 
8/8/2016: Symphonic Band Flute - Lyrical Exercise m.9-23, take 2nd ending, plus 1 note (ends on middle line B) 
8/8/2016: Symphonic Band Flute - Technical Exercise m. 1-25 plus 1 note (ends on top space E) 

It is extremely important that students are:

  • playing the correct exercises and measure numbers. 
  • practicing their scales in the correct order, with the proper amount of octaves, with the correct articulation, and in the correct time limit.  
  • performing the chromatic scale in the proper range for their instrument and with the correct articulation. 
  • practicing sight-reading. 

The All-State Judging Rubric Information has been posted to the All-State page, which includes how many points each category is worth. 

FMEA Participant Contracts will now be generated for each student based on the information that is entered into MPA Online.  Directors must print each contract for the students so they can get the required signatures. 

**Students that are auditioning on more than one instrument or for more than one ensemble will have a contract generated for EACH audition.  Each one must be turned in, as the barcode/audition number will be different for each audition.